And so it begins…



i landed in são paulo today. the 10 hour flight that began with 2 trips through the security checkpoint in new york – ’cause i forgot that i put my huge over 3 oz. container of coconut oil in my backpack – left me sleep deprived with swollen feet but i was glad to be back in brazil – safe, sound, and not without coconut oil. as i got off of the plane and headed to baggage claim, all i could think was “please airplane gods let my stuff be on that conveyor belt!” because if you’ve followed my last trip you know my luck with baggage claim. thankfully they obliged.

although i knew that this trip was on the horizon, once the day got here it was not easy to leave. i have so much love from family and friends that make this whole ordeal bittersweet. bitter because i’ll be in a different physical space from them for quite some time but sweet because i’m in brazil for quite some time. nevertheless, i feel that my loved ones and i made the most of it with a going away party, happy hour dates, a couple of beach days and last minute drop by’s. i have enough positive energy to carry me through and bring me back home. a big hug and kiss to all of you.

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now on the business side of things, 7 months seems like not enough time to navigate living in brazil while simultaneously collecting data for my dissertation research. i already know that the days will go super fast i.e. day one has already come and gone. just to give you an idea:

after i got my bags i changed some money, which was a bad idea to do at the airport because the markup is ridiculous. next i got a taxi to my airbnb apartment, which by the way is only costing $15 per day. thanks gio & bruno! (my wonderful hosts). i was greeted in the same manner that i was last year – the doorman who is brown like me asking me all kinds of questions before letting me in. so imagine i’m standing outside of this gated building with a big ole suitcase, hiking backpack, and other things in my hands, talking to a tiny speaker and bending down to put my ear next to it so i could hear and decipher the man’s portuguese because for some reason i can’t hear as well if it’s not english. once i got in, gio showed me around, i unpacked, checked email, took a shower, napped, woke up hungry, went to the market, talked to my partner for the 50th time today, made some dinner, called my parents, and now here I am at 9:20pm. i don’t know if you see it but the time is going to fly by and i have to make sure i make the most of it.

if you haven’t noticed the blog is alive again and i’m so happy to be able to share this experience with you. read the posts from my first brazil trip if you haven’t already. please comment and definitely stay tuned.

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“brasil” soap





24 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Peace, Love and Blessings!
    I am just relieved that your bags made it safely to Brazil with you!
    #rememberJapan lol
    L♡VE MOM!


  2. Hi Jeaná! Glad you made it to your destination safely! I know your time is a precious commodity right now and that you will make the most of it. Proud of you! Have a great experience and thanks for maintaining the blog to keep us all posted on how you’re doing 🙂

    Grace and Peace


  3. Wonderful read. I will be reading every line to your Aventura da pesquisa Brasileira. I am looking forward to seeing how this experience grows you as well as me. Pai orgulhoso


  4. Hey there-it’s good to know that God allowed you to arrive in Brazil safely. Also, it looks good on you to see that you are pursuing one of your life goals😎. Doctorate degree/checked. Focus, focus, focus.

    -proverb 14:1
    Every Wise Woman builds her house: but the foolish pluck it down with her hands.


  5. Awesome! I feel like I’m right there with you. The moment having to speak to the man behind the speaker carrying all your stuff Uggh. All i can imagine is heat! The 1st thing i would have done was hit the bed! Lol til next time *smooches*


  6. Hey Sis! So glad you made it safely. I hope you get some more coco oil. I can’t imagine living without it. Love you! Can’t wait to keep reading the blog.


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